1. Regulations - all the rules contained in this document, stating the proper use and operation of the Website.
2. Website - an internet website with services providing, available under the following address: and managed by the Administrator.
3. Services provided electronically - services provided without presences of sides at the same time (at a distance), through the transmission of data at the individual request of the User, made by the Website; sent and received by means of electronic processing devices, including digital compression, and data storage, which are entirely transmitted, received or transmitted via a telecommunications network within the meaning of the Act of 16 July 2004 - Telecommunications Law.
4. User - a natural person, a legal person or an organizational unit without legal personality, which the law grants to legal capacity, which has registered on the Website and uses the Services offered by the Administrator.
5. Challenge - it consists of one or several tasks. After completing all the tasks, the player is rewarded. Joining the challenge is related with a one-off fee.
6. Task - the part that the Challenge consists of. Player has to complete all the tasks successfully to finish the Challenge. Tasks are publicly available even for those who have not paid a fee to join the Challenge.
7. Service - it allows Users to pay in advance certain amounts of money to participate in Challenges that are composed of one or several Tasks. For completing all the tasks in the Challenge, the player is Rewarded.
8. Reward - total amount of funds of players who failed to complete the challenge + their own funds. A commission of 3-10% is charged from the reward. The amount of the commission depends on the percentage of people won in relation to the losers. The Reward can not be lower than the fee for joining the Challenge.
9. Administrator – WIZIN Piotr Szewczyk Dominik Szewczyk s.c. NIP: 774-32-32-958, REGON: 366503246, Trakt Kamiński 15 Street, 09-530 Gąbin, Poland, e-mail: [email protected], phone: 242356645 – an entity responsible for Website maintenance and management.
10. Support - customer service, Service staff responsible for helping Users, accepting complaints, etc.

General provisions

1. Use of this Website is treated as acceptance of this type of legal information. Users who do not agree to the provisions of this information are asked not to use this Website.
2. The owner and administrator of the website is WIZIN Piotr Szewczyk Dominik Szewczyk s.c. NIP: 774-32-32-958, REGON: 366503246, Trakt Kamiński 15 street, 09-530 Gąbin, Poland. E-mail: [email protected], phone: 242356645
3. The providers of payment services offered on the Website is Przelewy24. The use of the Website's payment services is equivalent to full acceptance of the regulations of these companies, to which links are given in the point below. The responsibility for topping up the wallet through these services are on their administrators.
4. Detailed regulations of payment service providers of the above-mentioned companies are available at the following addresses:

  • for the company Przelewy24:

5. To use the Service, you must register first and then log in to the Website.
6. The User is obliged to use the website in a manner consistent with these Regulations, applicable law, general principles of using the Internet and the purposes of creating the website, in particular in a way that does not infringe the rights of third parties and the rights of the Administrator.
7. If it is determined that the User violates point 6 or the actions described in point 6, the Administrator has the right to take all actions leading to the repair of the damage suffered. In addition, the Administrator reserves the right to permanently block a User acting contrary to the rules contained in these Regulations.
8. The website is not related in any way with:

  • Valve Corporation, Steam, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, Epic Games, Fornite, Riot Games or League of Legends and any other trademarks belonging to the above-mentioned companies.

9. The Administrator is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by Website during using the Service which are not related and not controlled by the Website, which will prevent effective use of the Service, e.g. problems with the User's Internet connection.
10. The Administrator reserves the right to modify this information in the event of occurrence of circumstances in which it will be necessary in order to protect the interests of one of the sides. In addition, it will be updated regularly, in case of amendments to legal acts that concern it. The administrator is not obliged to provide the reason for the changes.
11. All trademarks and copyrights are the property of the companies to which they belong. The software and all trademarks of the Website are the belongings of WIZIN Piotr Szewczyk Dominik Szewczyk s.c. and are protected by international and national copyright laws.
12. is not related to gambling. As part of our business, gambling is prohibited. All challenges in which the user can participate are available for games that are based on skills. It means that the result (successfully completed challenge or not) is based on the user's skills. The website will not provide information about who has joined the challenge before it's finished. The website will also not calculate or provide information about the chances of winning the challenge. The Website has the right to share statistics of Users and finished games or games where the users cannot join.

Characteristics of Users and the Service

1. By using our Services, you declare you are 18 years old or above and you are legally allowed to read, understand and accept the provisions of this agreement. If you are younger than 18 you must not use any part of our Services, including creating account or submiting personal information.
2. Apart from the age requirement to access the Services referred to in point 1, the minimum legal age required by the country where you residence must be met in case of joining challenges. If your country does not allow you to play skill-based games for cash or prizes you must not use our Services. Ezgame Support may request a proof of identity from you at any time. If you fail to provide us with such document we reserve rights to block your funds and ban you from joining the challenges until such document is sent and verified by us.
3. The Administrator is obliged to enable the User to use the Service, i.e. to pay certain amount of money for the Challenge, and then to participate financially in this Challenge if the User completes the Task assigned to him.
4. Verification of completing the Task by the User will be carried out automatically by the proprietary system. In there are any bugs or errors, please report them to Support.
5. When using the Website Services, the User bears full civil-criminal liability in the event of violation of these Regulations.
6. In there is any IT bug or error on the Website, the user is obliged to immediately report it. If you try to use such a bug, you may be exposed to liability for damages, and the Administrator will be authorized to permanently block the User on the Website.
7. A User who wants to pay a certain amount to join the Challenge is obliged to top up his virtual wallet using the mentioned payment services above.
8. The Service Provider and the Administrator are not responsible for:

  • using of payment services by unauthorized persons to use a given mobile phone number, payment cards and all kinds of payment methods (prepaid card, mobile payments, etc.) and by non adults
  • any damage caused to the User due to wrong use of the Service
  • incorrect estimation by the User of their financial capabilities and ignorance of the prices currently in force on the Website
  • ddisruptions in the provision of the Service if they occur as a result of random events not controlled by the Administrator
  • interruptions in the service of users caused by technical reasons (eg. configuration, updates, replacement of equipment, etc.) or not controlled by the Administrator

9. You acknowledge you will not directly or indirectly:

  • attempt to access Services or Accounts belonging to others
  • copy, modify, publicly execute, edit, create derivative works, upload or distribute, publicly display, publish any materials obtained through the Services
  • sell, rent, lease or use in any other way for commercial purposes any part of the Services, including but not limited to access to or use of the Services
  • obtain statistical information about users, technical data, personal information about staff or the Service itself, including income, sales or any other information related to the Website
  • use the Services in places where it is not permitted by law
  • take part in any activities which the site would consider to be conflict to its intentions
  • violate intellectual property rights, the right to privacy, the right to advertise, impersonate other people or break any other rights
  • participate, promote or encourage any activity related to phishing, hacking, dissemination of false Services, creation or using of exploits, errors, scams or oversights, or bad functioning of the Website, excluding the action for notifying the Website about the possibility of occurrence of the above-mentioned events
  • organizing groups or participating in a group, or any group activity that encourage to hate or it's hateful itself, harms or offends on the basis of racial affiliation, sexual orientation or preferences, gender, heritage or nationality, disability or other health class, age, religions, or similar classes defined by
  • change, delete or hide the intellectual property or other proprietary rights information from copies of material from Services related to
  • in any way harm, harass, intimidate, threaten, abuse or embarrass, support or encourage harassment, hurting another person, group, or its partners and people associated with the site
  • assist, engage or initiate in any form of attack, interference or attempt to disrupt the operation of the Services on the Website, or the availability of Services or the Website itself for other Users. Also, any activities leading to the manipulation of data, User Accounts or information on the Website are strictly prohibited, using malicious software, reverse engineering or computer hardware. It is also forbidden to use errors and bugs or other random situations appearing in the Services or the Website for your own benefit. About all the actions aimed at exposing the Website or Users to any losses, should be immediately notified to the Website Support department
  • manipulate game matches in a challenge, e.g. by using external accounts


1. A complaint may be submitted to Support. The window with which you can submit your application is in the bottom right corner of the page. It should contain a description of the circumstances as detailed as possible.
2. Consideration of complaints may last in complicated cases up to 14 working days from the date of receiving the complaint. In non-complicated situations this process will be carried out immediately. In addition, the Administrator reserves the right to extend the said deadline to 30 days, which will take place in special situations only. He is then obliged to inform the User in advance about the circumstances.
3. In a situation in which the complaint will be granted results in a refund of the equivalent of the Service being complained.
4. The User is not entitled to demand any other form of recompense. This means that he is not entitled to get compensation or refund of the claim due to the title of the complaint.
5. The Administrator is not responsible for the Service complaint if its value is higher than real value.

Final provisions

1. These Rules are effective from the date of its publication.
2. In matters not covered by these Regulations, the applicable provisions of Polish law shall apply.
3. It is the users' responsibility to read, understand and accept this Regulations. If you do not accept the Rules you will not be able to use any Services offered by our Website. has the right to update and / or change these Terms of Use at any time. All highlights and headings are made to be more comfortable to read this text by user. All changes are considered effective after they are published, and the user accepts the regulations automatically using the Website Services. The User is obliged to follow the Terms of Service to obtain information about changes.
4. In case you have been previously banned on our Website and you were not able to use any Services it means that you are forbidden to use the Services on another account.
5. Being a parent, if you notice that your child has created an account on our Website, you can contact us at, providing details of the account.